Podcasts on Android – BeyondPod

If you spend a lot of time travelling, or like to listen to something in the background while working, then podcasts are a good choice to keep up with what’s going on in the world.

I used an iPhone 3GS for a year and synced my podcasts using iTunes. It was OK but as with everything in iTunes it was clunky and temperamental.

Since I’ve had my HTC Desire I’ve been using BeyondPod. It’s currently £4.36 in the Androind MartketPlace and, I think, definitely worth it.

It will sync subcribed podcasts over WiFi so no need to hook it up to your PC. There’s a good playlist screen showing either all podcasts or just those from a particular feed. It also shows how much of a podcast you’ve listened to.

It’s got good podcast clean-up and retention settings allowing you to just retain the latest podcasts from each feed. You can also group your feeds in to different catagories.

If you’re looking for some interestng tech podcasts to listen to then check out –

Windows Weekly – http://twit.tv/ww

Security Now – http://twit.tv/sn

Mike Tech Show – http://mikenation.net

Geek News Central – http://www.geeknewscentral.com

VoIP Users Conference – http://www.voipusersconference.org

FLOSS Weekly – http://twit.tv/FLOSS