Part 5 – Creating a trunk in A2Billing on Elastix

This is part 5 of a series of posts on setting up an Elastix extension with A2Billing. See here for details of the other parts – Using A2Billing to account for extension calls in Elastix

First we need to log in to A2Billing on Elastix. Click on Extras on the top menu –

run a2billing from elastix

Then click on Calling Cards and enter your username and password –

log in to a2billing

Next click on TRUNK and then Add Trunk on the left hand side. Give your trunk a name (LABEL) and set the PROVIDER TECH. For the PROVIDER IP you can just enter the name of the trunk the we set up previously. This must match what you called the trunk in Elastix –

create trunk in a2billing

Once you’ve created your trunk click on List Trunk and you should see it listed (along with the example trunk) –

check that your trunk has been created

That’s the trunk setup. Next we will create an a2billing customer – Part 6 – Create a customer in a2billing on Elastix