Part 4 – Create an outbound route in Elastix

This is part 4 of a series of posts on setting up an Elastix extension with A2Billing. See here for details of the other parts – Using A2Billing to account for extension calls in Elastix

Next we need to create an Outbound Route to tell Elastix which trunk to use for our calls.

Click on Outbound Routes on the left hand menus and then create a new Outbound Route –

add a new route in elastix

Give your outbound route a name, I’ve called mine default. Set the “Dial Patterns” to X. This tells Elastix to use this trunk for all calls. Select the callwithus trunk that we setup earlier –

add a route in elastix

Next I’m going to delete the example outbound route to avoid any confusion –

edit a route in elastix

Now we should be able to make a test external call using x-lite that we setup earlier. Callwithus doesn’t need an international prefix sending so I start the number with 44 (the international code for the UK) –

ring test number from x-lite

That’s it for this part. We should now be able to make external calls using our test extension. Next we’ll setup a2billing – Part 5 – Creating a trunk in A2Billing on Elastix

2 thoughts on “Part 4 – Create an outbound route in Elastix

  1. Eduardo

    Quando eu quiser retirar o padrão de discagem da operadora VOIP que é 55 e colocar 0 para discar como deve ficar o os padrões de”Dial”?

  2. Ramon Romero

    Buenos dias

    Necesito de su ayuda

    Tengo una central elastix el cual tengo enlazada con una central asterix,

    En mi central asterix todas las extensiones tienen 3 números, necesito un patron de marcado, ya que solo me funciona si le pongo el 7 delante , ejemplo 7xxx. Este patron es para mi central elsstix.

    Quedo atento..gracias

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