Part 3 – Create a trunk in Elastix

This is part 3 of a series of posts on setting up an Elastix extension with A2Billing. See here for details of the other parts – Using A2Billing to account for extension calls in Elastix

Now we have got an extension set up we need to be able to make calls to the regular telephone system. To do this we need an account with an ITSP, I’m going to use callwithus.

First click on Trunks and then Add SIP Trunk –

add a trunk in elastix

add a sip trunk in elastix - top

Next scroll down and give your trunk a name, then enter your trunk details. I’ve pasted mine but this will vary by provider. If in doubt as to what details to use you should contact your provider –

enter elastix trunk details

enter trunk trgister details

Click Submit and then apply your changes –

click apply changes after making changes

That’s the trunk setup. Go to the next part to create an Outbound Route – Part 4 – Create an outbound route in Elastix

3 thoughts on “Part 3 – Create a trunk in Elastix

  1. Uyangaa

    I want to create Call Center on elastix. But i cannot receive multiple incoming channel. First channel is working fine, but second and third channel no response. How to receive multiple incoming channel?


  2. matt Post author

    This could be limited by your inbound number provider. I would check with them how many channels you are allowed.

  3. Fred


    I’m having problem now in making the xlite details that I have to work in elastix as trunk. Xlite details has username,password and domain which is working perfect in making outbound calls using xlite. But if I use those details as TRUNK in elastix, I can’t make it work in the users of that elastix to make outbound calls.

    Please help…


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