Part 1 – Create a test extension in Elastix

This is part 1 of a series of posts on setting up an Elastix extension with A2Billing. See here for details of the other parts – Using A2Billing to account for extension calls in Elastix

Log in to Elastix –

elastix login page

Click on the PBX tab at the top to go to phone system setup (actually a skinned version of FreePBX) –

create a new sip extension

Click Submit to create a Generic SIP device. Give your test extension a number (I’ve used 1000) and a name –

add a sip extension

Give your extension a password (secret). Make sure it’s a complex password and definitely not just based on numbers –

create extension password

Click on Submit at the bottom of the page and then “Apply Configuration Changes Here” at the top of the screen. It’s important to do this after any changes –

apply changes to extension

You’re done. Now move on to the next part – Part 2 – Set up x-lite to use your Elastix extension