Disabling the OpenFire service in Elastix

Elastix includes an Instant Messenger server called OpenFire. While not enabled by default it is very easy to enable.

What’s not so obvious is how to disable OpenFire if you decide, once you’ve had a look at it, you don’t want/need to run it. You might want to do this as OpenFire runs on Java which can be quite memory hungry, also it opens another point of attack to your server.

The easiest way to disable it is via the command prompt by running –

service openfire stop

chkconfig openfire off

This will also stop it starting automatically when the server is rebooted.

2 thoughts on “Disabling the OpenFire service in Elastix

  1. Wayland

    Thank you, that’s just what I wanted. It worked a treat. It’s a shame that so many important things in Linux based things require looking on the Internet rather than a button in the software.

  2. Leila

    I have a server with elastix fax, email, instant messaging, pbx …
    It is functional. Due to saturation of its hard disk these services do not work when I try to remove the saturation I restart the services one by one. All are restarted except instant messaging. I tried to do the update, relocation (from openfire) keeps telling me that the service is already installed.
    Thank you in advance for your help cordially;

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