Cheap international phone calls using Asterisk/FreePBX and local numbers

One of the easiest ways to make cheap international phone calls is to set up a local access number that automatically forwards to an international number using VOIP.

This is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family in other countries (or to let them keep in touch with you!)

It’s very simple to do in FreePBX in two easy steps.

Create a Misc Destination for the number you want to call –

then create an Inbound Route with your local number as the DID Number –

and set the destination to your Misc Destination –

You can then call the local number and be connected to the international number, only paying inexpensive VOIP rates. The local number can be dialled in the normal way, including from a mobile phone.

Give it a go by ringing this London number – 020 3455 4080 – which will connect you to the Naval speaking clock in Washington DC.

If you’re looking for free UK local numbers then try here –

2 thoughts on “Cheap international phone calls using Asterisk/FreePBX and local numbers

  1. ryan_mu

    A local call is forwarded to international number. I think that this ideal is good.
    But I want to combine A2Billing with this function. This mean is that a customer has a telephone number to register in this system. Next customer use this telephone number to call local fixed number. Then this system will billing to the account of this customer ( Customer doesn’t enter PIN number) Customer may only enter the called number after calling fixed local number.

    Can you help me to solve this problem ?
    Best regard,

  2. matt Post author

    This is fairly straight forward with a2billing. If you create in Inbound DID in a2billing and assign it to a customer you/they can then set a destination for that inbound call. This can either be a voip call or a regular PSTN call. A PSTN call would be charged to your customer at their call plan rates.

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