Skype for Asterisk testing with FreePBX


I downloaded the Skype For Asterisk beta today from Digium. I think tomorrow (7/8/09) is the last day to sign up for the beta but the license you receive is valid until 31/8/09.

So far I’ve just been testing inbound calls, that is calls from a Skype user in to an Asterisk system

Please, give it a go yourself – my Skype user ID is *** and the call goes to an IVR

It was pretty easy to install the software, there are detailed instructions that come with it.

If you use FreePBX and put the Skype calls through to the correct context you can create inbound routes based on the Skype user ID and route the calls as you would normally.

skype inbound route

Once the calls are fed into Asterisk they can be treated just as any other incoming call.

My test system routes the calls through to a FreePBX IVR with 4 options –

  • Press 1 for the Skype For Asterisk test conference
  • Press 2 for music on hold
  • Press 3 for echo test
  • Press 4 for the speaking clock

You need to make the dial pad visible in Skype so the you can select the options –

dialling asterisk from skype

The first option is a conference room and the Skype for Asterisk beta license allows up to 10 concurrent calls so if you’ve got some friends on Skype please give it a go and let me know in the comments below how it works!

The Asterisk server is running on a VPS based in the UK so the quality may vary depending where you are calling from.

The music-on-hold are MP3’s and came from here –