Reset A2Billing 1.4 root password

If you lose or forget your a2billing 1.4 root password then there is a simple procedure for resetting it by editing the MySQL database.

To do this you’ll need to get SSH access to your server. If you use Windows then Putty is a good, free application for this.

1. Log in to your server as root

2. Determine the database name, user and password for your A2Billing database

head -n 15 /etc/a2billing.conf

The settings are normally at the top of the file so we just need the first 15 lines. Here’s mine –

user = a2billing-user
password = a2billing-password
dbname = mya2billing

3. Log in to MySQL using the details we just got for the A2Billing database –

mysql -u a2billing-user -p mya2billing

Enter password:

4. Change the password for root to ‘changepassword’. This is the default password and is now stored encoded as opposed to plain text as in A2Billing 1.3

mysql> update cc_ui_authen set pwd_encoded = '410fc6268dd3332226de95e42d9efa4046c5463769d7493b85e65cfa5c26362dc2455cc23c0bc5831deb008def4ab11a9eaa9b76ba3f377da134f39ec60dd758' where login='root';

5. You should now be able to login to A2Billing using the username/password of root/changepassword.

4 thoughts on “Reset A2Billing 1.4 root password

  1. Jermaine

    user = a2billinguser
    password = a2billing
    dbname = mya2billing
    ; dbtype setting can either be mysql or postgres

    hi when i enter my password am getting

    ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘a2billing-user’@’localhost’ (using p

  2. Uyanga

    I have installed a2billing. When I was access to WEB UI, I have got following error ‘authentication refused please check your user/password a2billing’.
    I have changed password above instruction. But it is same as before.
    Can you know anything this error and How to fix it?

  3. matt Post author

    Are you definitely going to the admin portal? Sounds like maybe your are trying to log in to the customer portal.

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