Poor audio or music on hold with Trixbox

If you are using Trixbox (or probably any Asterisk distribution) with SIP trunks and the Dahdi dummy driver and experiencing poor audio or music on hold then it may be worth changing the ‘internal_timing’ setting.

This can be set be editing the file – /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf file and making sure that the following 2 lines are not commented out (they should not have a ; in front of them) –

internal_timing = yes

In some cases this can improve the audio quality dramatically.

2 thoughts on “Poor audio or music on hold with Trixbox

  1. kingtux

    I’m using sip trunks but also Have a TDM400p card in my server without analog lines(just timing) will this add affect to my setup?

  2. warren

    I love you!!!
    been having problems with an a2billing machine and bad voice quality when routed through it (virtualised) and this tip fixed it 100% for me

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