Getting started with FreePBX – Part 5 Setting up an IVR

Setting up an IVR (or auto attendant, digital receptionist) is great idea for small businesses. You can have a single external number for your customers to call but then direct the call to the right department via a simple menu.

First we need some extensions to put the calls through to, then we need to record the menu the caller will hear and finally setup the actual IVR.

Configuring the extensions

Follow the instructions in part 2 to create the extensions that you need. I have created extensions for Sales, Support and Billing


Next we need to install some FreePBX modules that are not installed by default. So click on the “Tools” tab, then on “Module Admin” and finally on “Check for updates online”


We’re going to need the IVR module and maybe the Announcements module so click on “Download and Install” for both of them.


Now scroll to the bottom and click on Process


Confirm that you want to proceed with the installation


Once the install is complete click on Return


Recording the anouncement

Now we are ready to record the IVR anouncement. Plan what you are going to say then click on “System Recordings” in the main menu

Enter the extension number we created in part 2 in the extension number box and click “Go”


From extension 1000 dial *77. You will hear a short beep then say your message (mine said “Hello, press 1 for sales, press 2 for support, press 3 for billing”) and then hangup. You can dial *99 from the extension to listen to your message. If you want to re-record it just dial *77 again.


Now I’m going to give my recording a name – “ivrmenu1” – and click Save


Creating the IVR

It’s finally time to create the IVR! Click on IVR on the main menu and then clikc “Add IVR” on the right hand menu

Give you IVR a name – I’ve called mine “mainivr”

Select the announcement we created earlier

I’ve also disabled “Enable Directory” and “Enable Direct Dial” on mine as I don’t want callers to be able to bypass the menu


Scroll down the page and we can now set what happens when a caller presses a button.

Click on “Increase Options” once so that we have 4 destinations

Now set your 4 destinations –

1 = Extension Sales

2 = Extension Support

3 = Extension Billing

t = Extension Sales

“t” is a special option that means “timeout”, what happens if the caller doesn’t press a button. In that case I’m going to send them to Sales!

And click Save


Now I’m going to direct the DID I created in part 4 to my IVR

So click on Inbound Routes, slect the IPKall inbound route we create then change the Destination to “mainivr” and click “Submit”


Finally click on “Apply Configuration Changes” and give it a go! You should be able to call your IPKall number and hear your IVR.


10 thoughts on “Getting started with FreePBX – Part 5 Setting up an IVR

  1. Jhair

    Hi…!! I need your help. I don’t have a external number, I’d like to do tests with the IVR internally, between internal extensions. I need help to redirect internally IVR. I hope a nearly response, thanks.


  2. matt Post author

    Hi, you could create a normal extension and then create a follow-me to forward that extension number to the IVR?

  3. Matt

    Hey iam using version FreePBX 2.6.0.RC2.1 and i cant see the Modul Admin tool i cant download any thing every time i record my message with *77 and finish it after that trying to listen to it by dialing *99 i hear nothing and its not working i thing i need to configure the announcement but i cant see the tool please try to see any solution for me and good job

  4. Luis


    I need help, how can i configure IVR with a survery and save the answer in Mysql
    Is there any manual?

    Thank you.

  5. ack

    Dial by name doesn’t work after entering wrong extension. I get to the option to Dial by name but to no avail.

    The feature woks fine when you go straight to the option to dial by name using the directory application.

    I cant find anything obvious wrong within the GUI. Any ideas ??

  6. Leo

    Hello Matt ,

    You say in second comment : could create a normal extension and then create a follow-me to forward that extension number to the IVR?

    please can you explain me step by step how to : and then create a follow-me to forward that extension number to the IVR?


  7. Nitz

    Hello, I am setting an IVR system internally for my lab. I have been able to record my announcement and when i dial the extension number i do hear the announcement playing: “press 1 to go to extension 100”, but when i press 1 nothing happens. The dtmfmode is set to RFC 2833.
    can somebody please help me.
    Thank you for your knowledge and time.

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