11 thoughts on “Getting started with FreePBX – Part 1 Setting up a trunk

  1. John

    Hi: I am using CWU but I have a problem with sound transmission. When I call a cellphone, the other party does not hear me, even though I hear them. I am not sure what could be the problem. I am using hosted asterisk server.

  2. matt Post author

    I have seen this before. Try ensuring you have all codecs enabled for the CWU trunk. Also try forcing different codecs.

    If that doesn’t work I would raise a call with them.

  3. jeet


    I have configure the xlite and arstrisk server on my pc and i am ableto connect x-lite form my
    Asterisk server.
    But when i try to call on my number it show “Not acceptahle here”
    any other number also give the same response.
    can any one tell me on which number i can call.

    With thnaks

  4. matt Post author

    You could try calling *43. That should be an echo test and will confirm if your extension is set up correctly.

  5. Kehinde

    thank you very much. your tutorial is highly explanatory. My question is this, after I followed this tutorial intoto, I tried to connect and dial my GSM phone on from my sip phone, it does not ring but keep showing “Proxy Authentication required.” Is it because I have not bought credit from callwithus that makes me to get this error message? Thanks.

  6. matt Post author

    It’s tough to say as there’s no standard SIP code for ‘out of credit’ so providers send back different codes.

    However Proxy Authentication Required should mean that callwithus is expecting your device to send them a username/password for SIP authentication and isn’t.

  7. mcat

    Hi Matt,

    Firstly, thanks for sharing so much useful documentation on FreePBX, etc.
    I’m in the process of setting up an FreePBX/A2Billing system and am wondering whether I need to configure the trunk in FreePBX or in A2Billing, and also how I should configure it when my provider is using IP authentication, so I don’t have a username or password to use in the register string.

    Thanks for any help you may be able to give,


  8. Raj


    I am trying to configure the freepbx for my office use, I want to forward US calls to an static IP address which is configured in the freepbx to deliver the calls, I am not sure how to do it, can u pls guide me on the same.

  9. Matt Newcombe Post author

    I’m not too sure what you mean but you need to purchase the US DID number from a call provider, and then send those to your PBX. How you do that depends on the call provider.

    Regards – Matt

  10. karthikeyan


    Am new for freepbx.

    What is network diagram?

    I have a system with freepbx.

    shall i connect phone line to the system through internal modem? or

    shall i connect lan cable which is from broadband?

  11. Matt Newcombe Post author

    If it’s a VOIP/SIP phone that you are using then you would connect over the LAN

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