Getting started with A2Billing – Part 1 Setting up a trunk

In this series of articles I’m going to run through how to get up your a2billing system up and running.  A2billing is an opensource billing application for Asterisk and can be used in many different ways – I’ll be documenting just some examples  🙂

Some of this setup will depend how you have your main configuration file (/etc/asterisk/a2billing.conf) configured. I will not be discussing that here. Also some of the setup may rely on FreePBX and A2billing being setup to work together.

All of this documentation was created on a sysadminman Asterisk/FreePBX/A2billing VPS. See here for details –

Setting up a trunk

We need to setup a trunk to be used for our outbound calls. Obviously you can setup more than one trunk and route calls to different destinations via different trunks.

I will be using the trunk that I configured in FreePBX here – As the main settings for the trunk have been setup in FreePBX we can just call the trunk by it’s name in A2Billing. This trunk is with a provider called callwithus.

To setup a trunk –

Click on TRUNK on the left hand main menu


The next thing I’m going to do is create a “Trunk Provider”. This is not essential (we can create a trunk with out creating a “provider”) but will be useful when we have many trunks and want to group them together)

So, click on “Create Provider” and give your provider a name and description – I’m using callwithus. The click Confirm Data


Now I’m going to setup the actual trunk. So click on “Add Trunk”

VOIP-PROVIDER is the one we just created

LABEL is just a text label identifying the trunk

PROVIDER TECHNOLOGY is sip (although it’s also possible to use IAX2 with callwithus I used SIP)

PROVIDER IP is the name of the trunk that I created in FreePBX here. It’s not essential to use a precreated trunk I just like all my trunks created in a single place – FreePBX

and the click Confirm Data


And that’s it. Our trunk is ready to use. We can see this by click on List Trunk


5 thoughts on “Getting started with A2Billing – Part 1 Setting up a trunk

  1. longstand

    I have install a fresh copy of Centos 5.6 X64 with just Asterisk and A2billing

    when you install Trunk from a2billing, i assume that i need to install the actually trunk credential into sip.conf so it coulld make outside call and receive any incoming calls.

  2. Cenk

    I’ve installed CentOS 5.8 x86_64 with Asterisk and a2billing and I dont want to install freepbx.My SIP provider accepts IP auth. If I add trunk via a2billing gui, how can I configure extensions.conf for calling card did dial plan.(I’ve also ukddi number)

  3. Ousman

    Hi Matt,
    Please I need your help, I would like to setup a business and I’m not so familiar with these procedure, kindly is it possible to contact me on my mail so I can address you my request? We can find an arrangement for your hours work. Thanks in advance

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