CallWithUs launch UK based SIP server

*** UPDATE 23/6/09 – While callwithus still have a UK sip server you should use the server ‘’ in your configuration settings. Check the callwithus website for details.

If you’re based in the UK or Europe and looking for a cheap ITSP (VIOP provider) it might be worth looking at CallWithUS as they’ve recently launched a UK based SIP server.

As well as the US based servers, and you can now use I now get sub 6ms pings from my Asterisk server in BlueSquare to the CallWithUs server.

I’ve been using CallWithUs for a while now and they provide very competitively priced DIDs and termination rates.

2 thoughts on “CallWithUs launch UK based SIP server

  1. Jota

    Seems that this hostname ( is not existing anymore.

    What’s going on ? do you know what happened ?


  2. Matt Post author

    I don’t unfortunately. Might need to check with them. Like you say that server IP is no longer available for me either.

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