Conferences with Asterisk and FreePBX


Conference calls are used a lot by businesses and are a built-in feature of Asterisk and FreePBX (and therefore the distributions that rely on these – Trixbox, Elastix, PBX-in-a-flash …)

They are very easy to setup –

FreePBX conferences

All you need to do is give it a conference number (which is just the same as an extension number) and a conference name, and that’s it. You can change the other settings as required such as having music on hold or a message when users join the conference. You can put a password/pin on the conference which is probably a good idea.

Once you save your conference you will be able to dial it from an internal extension or use it as a destination for an Inbound Route or IVR

I’ve seen reports of people having over 20 callers in a conference which is probably more than most poeple could ever need!

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How have you loaded “Conferences” module?
What is the version of FreePBX? (I have FreePBX


I want to configure FreePBX (version for conference call but there is no options for cofigure FreePBX for conference call.

Kindly give advice which version will support FreePBX for Confernce call.

Waiting for the reply



Hi Umesh,

It is in that version. You probably just need to go to Tools/Modules/Check for updates – and install the conference module.

Dear Matt,

Thanks for the reply.

But when i click on Tools/Modules/Check for updates below error message display.

Module Administration
XML error: Attribute without value at line 2

kindly give the solution .



Devdatt Pandya
25 May 2012 1:14 pm


I have a problem related to asterisk 2.7.0
When I click to Tools/Modules/Check for updates below error message display.
Module Administration
XML error: Attribute without value at line 2

kindly give the sollutions..

I did the configuration as illustrated on PBX in a flash and the conferencing works fine only for internal extensions.
I can’t make conference call with calls from outside the internal network. I don’t know if that will require diffeent configuration. Can anybody help me out on this. I want to setup the telephone system such that an internal extension can make conference call with other non-internal users just like normal phones do. After making a call to an external number (outside our LAN) while the call is on I pressed the conference button on the phone and dail another external number, the entire call is droped immediatly. But if dail an internal extension as the second number the call was not droped. In fact in such situation it even allows multiple internal extensions to join the conference.
I have a Linux system connected to the network. The Linux system has a Digium card with fxo connected to an FWT box that takes calls in and out of the network.
Is this a limitation of Asterisk?

HI guys,

I’ve set the conference and it seems to work (with or without pins).. but I don’t know how to actually start it. All users who join the conference are put on hold with music.
Is there a special combination to actually start the conference? I’m using x-lite as softphone combined with some analog phones through linksys phone adapter.

Thank you.

Hi Daniel

Do you have Leader Wait set to Yes on the conference? If so it’s waiting for someone to sign is as the conference leader. Try setting it to no.

Cheers, Matt

Buenos días:

Se crea la conferencia y posteriormente se crea una extensión que será reconocida para unirse a ella. Al menos asi lo hice yo, solamente me sirve para las extensiones internas, una llamada externa no logra insertarse en la conferencia. Cuando reviso en las extensiones que se encuentran declaradas esa extensión no me la muestra. Por lo que no puedo realizarles cambios. Eso esta bien asi? O hice algo mal?

Saludos y respetos para usted. Laura

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